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Located in Troy, NY, Bear Grass is built around the quirky songs of Katie Hammon. Her sultry pipes leave them devastated, but the band's blend of folk, rock, and homespun trip-hop soothes their wounds. Hammon's roots in the pacific northwest shape the character of the music with lyrics often referencing the people and places from her childhood memories. Drawing on influences like Laura Veirs and Dave Bazaan, the music is sometimes subtly dark, but always thoroughly captivating and melodic.


Bear Grass was conceived as Katie Hammon's solo project and released its first album In The Light on B3nson Records in 2011. In the fall of 2012, Katie was invited to play at Albany's annual Harvest Festival. Ian White, Mitch Masterson and Stephen Stanley rounded out Bear Grass "the band" for the inaugural performance. 

Tommy Krebs joined in 2013 following the first full-band recording, Stories in Books, a joint B3nson-Swordpaw release. In fall 2014 Masterson decided to pursue other ventures, and August Sagehorn joined for a Northeast tour. Stanley moved to New Orleans in early 2015, and Krebs took over on guitar full-time. 

Bear Grass has performed across the East coast since 2013 and is excited to release their sophomore album LEFT recorded at Business District Recording with Hunter Davidsohn and mastered by Josh Bonati. The new album is slated to release in fall 2018.

Katie Hammon | Vocals & Guitar
Katie, now a resident of Troy, NY grew up on a small island in Washington State's Puget Sound. Sandwiched between mountain ranges and surrounded by water, her music is often influenced by her childhood surroundings and favorite west coast musicians. She has created a life full of music and event management in New York after studying music industry in Albany, NY. Katie has been writing and performing under the name Bear Grass since 2004 with a stint as Slender Shoulders with Rick Spataro of Florist and The Firs.

Tommy Krebs | Guitar, Synth & Vocals
Tommy Krebs resides at the foot of the Helderberg Escarpment. He writes music under the moniker Adolf Niegsch and performs with various groups including Kimono Dragons and The Raddling Baddlies. By day he's a collector / dealer of rare and vintage goods. 

Ian White | Drummer
Ian White is a geologist with Griggs-Lang Consulting Geologists, Inc. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Mathematics in 2000 from Union College and a Master’s degree in Geology in 2003 from Western Washington University.

Ian’s fields of expertise include geologic exploration and evaluation, field mapping, surveying, and aggregate quality permitting.

Ian is a member of the Geological Society of America

August Sagehorn | Bass Guitar
Hailing from San Jose, California and weighing in at 170lbs is August Sagehorn on electric bass guitar. He enjoys coconut oil, Thelonious Monk, Elton John, The Beatles and recently delved into the wide world of specialized magnets.