"Singer Katie Hammon's voice is this fresh from the dryer blanket feeling instrument that just draws you in. But there is this odd distortion throughout the song that pulls you away and further in at the same time, along with some shoegaze style swirls. It's a majestic indie rock song while still almost being a pretty mainstream folk style song. You're pretty guaranteed to love this one."

If It's Too Loud


“Lead singer Katie Hammon drove an absolutely intoxicating 10-song set, which quickly won over The Hollow audience…It’s easy to see why Hammon and Bear Grass are a local band that stand out as on the rise; she’s reminiscent of a Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt fame.” – NYS Music, 2016

“This isn’t a rough-hewn folk record exploring sepia-toned acoustic whimsy…Stories in Books treats Hammon’s compositions with the full palette of the recording studio, resulting in a sound that can legitimately name-drop folk and trip-hop in the same breath.” – Metroland, 2013

“Sometimes it’s OK to judge a record by its cover. Especially if that cover is a hand-sewn sleeve of vintage cloth.” – Metroland, 2013

“decorating a gorgeous folk song with fragile emotion, and turning a nice folk-pop song into a tremulous lament. This is just lovely.” – A New Band A Day, 2013

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